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You are an adventurer who is delving deeper into the lost ruins of Atlantis. Little do you know, there is no grand goal or end to be found. There is only endless bloodshed and combat as you try to navigate the corridors of the lost city. The guardians are angry and won't tolerate your aggression. The only way out... is death. But how long can you last? Try to reach deeper every time you play! 

Game controls:

WASD - movement

Mouse 1 - melee attack, hold down the button to combo, strikes cursor direction

Mouse 2 - ranged attack, throw a spear in the cursors direction, aim below targets to hit accurately

Space - dash, dodge attacks with a short ranged, fast dash in your current movement direction

Esc - pause the game

R - restart the game from chamber 0

Created as a project of the Tampere University of Applied Sciences GameCamp 2021 by students. Feedback is very welcome!


Eero Salmi: Programming, Audio

Laura Huovinen: Programming 

Jirko Haapapuro: Animation, Level Design, Graphic Design, Character Design, Environmental Design, Post FX

Juho Mansikka: Graphic Design, Animation, Character Design, Particle VFX

Ada Ikonen: Graphic Design, Environmental Design

Install instructions

Download the provided rar file and extract it to your preferred location. Open the folder and click on the .exe file named "the_big_one" to launch the game.  Enjoy!


Azimuth.rar 71 MB

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